Chicagokiteboarder Special Complete11M Kite Package

Harness Size:

Chicagokiteboarder Special Complete13M Kite Package

Harness Size:


Begginer, Intermediate or Advanced, this is the Kite Package you have been waiting for. We have worked hard to get you this complete package which will satisfy "any" rider level for "any" riding condition.

This package includes "ALL" the gear you need to get riding. The package includes a 11M Waroo “SLE” complete kite, Harness of your size, a retractable reel leash and a 140cm complete board

I have personally hand selected the items in this package to make it fit the Chicago rider of any level. I chose the Hybrid Waroo for it’s wind range and safety as this is the future of kiting. The 11m Waroo has the range of a 8m to 14m c-kite. Bigger riders may opt for the 13m Waroo which has the range of a 9m to 16m. The harness is just comfortable, it even has a pocket with a waterproof lining for your MP3 player or cell phone.

The 140cm Best board is awesome for light or powered up days. This board will be your one quiver board for life. The reel leash is great for beginners so as you don’t lose your board and the retractable function makes it safe for riding even without a helmet since the leash does not rebound back to the kiter.

2007 Best Waroo 11m or 13m option

"Complete" with:
45cm specific Waroo bar with 25cm lines and handle pass leash.

Best Harness: size from S to XL

Board Leash:
Retractable reel leash.

Best 140cm board

Board, fins, footpads, adjustable footstraps and grab handle.

11m waroo $1650.00

13m Waroo $1750.00

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