Chicagokiteboarder New Rider  KITE CAMP.

Chicago or the Midwest is a great place to kiteboard but not a place for learning. I used to teach in Chicago but have for a while now stopped teaching due to the difficulty with planning lessons secondary to the fickle weather conditions and very choppy water conditions. Chicago and the mid-west is a great place to kite when you already know what you are doing but not when you are learning.

Chicagokiteboarder’s New Rider KITE CAMP is designed for persons “seriously” interested in getting into the sport of kitesurfing/kiteboarding. There is no BETTER and SAFER way to learn this sport then to immerse yourself in it while supported by perfect conditions and highly trained “pro” instructors. This camp is guaranteed to make the person with absolutely no kiting experience into an independent kiteboarder.

Upon completion of the camp, the rider is expected to have upwind riding skills, if not riding upwind will at least be at the cusp of riding upwind. Become a fully independent rider and have an entry-level PASA certification card.

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas. “ The windiest location in the continental USA”

  • 6 day Kite Camp: All Camps are Monday to Saturday (see Camp Schedule)
  • 1-day Pre-lessons “trainer kite” skills
  • 3 days Professional kiteboarding instruction
  • 1 day Post lessons supervised riding with gear provided.
  • Touristy stuff or chillin during the morning while waiting for the noon wind thermals.

Kite Camp Schedule:
June 18th to 23rd.
July 16th. to 21st.
August 6th to 11th.

Kite lessons to be given by the pro riders/instructors of Ryan Riccatellis  Southcoast Kiteboaridng School with proven outcomes. Access to the best flat-water locations. Complete with Jet Ski, boat support. All 2007 gear.

$1200 fee. Includes: Lessons (all gear provided), Condo Accommodations and Group transportation for 6 days while in Corpus. Airport transfers while in Corpus.
Minimum of four (4) students must sign up before camp is finalized. 

Students are responsible for their own airfare and food. Airfare via SWA or AA.
Corpus Christi airport code is CRP.

Contact: Gerard Alleje ( Camp Master)

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